59 Bonetastic animations – 9971
169 color variations for each animated piece.

OG Rare – 21
A few of the animations in their original colors and a few other surprises.

Infinity Rare – 10
Bones in infinity colorways. 

Cr8zy Rare – 3
The Hero pieces. You will know them when you see ‘em. I sure hope you get one! 

10,005 possibilities!



In an effort to stay true to the HeyTVM format, I’m letting everyone get ONE NFB for FREE up front. I also understand you may be hungry for more. If so, have at it! The more you grab at one time the cheaper they are. Bam! and Bamticktybam!

Like How do I even buy one tho?

1. Get Metamask

Download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome. It’s just so Cr8zy Foxy! Click this panel to head over to the metamask site.

2. Grab some ETH Ξ

Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange like Coinbase or PayPal and send some to your Metamask ETH Wallet Public Address with an ERC20 transfer.

3. Snag your bones!

Connect your Metamask Wallet. Click “Buy Now” and approve the transaction on Metamask. Click this panel to get started minting your first bones.

I love these bones almost as much as I love the sweet delicious bones that are in your body…


See ya soon sucka!

– Grimlock Ramsay Reeper the 3rd



My name is TVM / Trevor Van Meter and I am, have always been, and will always be a purveyor of positive vibes. I seek to bring joy into people’s lives through art as an illustrator and animator. Yes, I can put on a button up shirt, tuck it in, call myself professional and say I’ve worked with Google, Disney, and others. However, that’s not really what I or any true artist is about. Creating is my life, I don’t do it to keep the lights on, I do it because it is my energy and my being. It is an absolute gift to be able to create a vibe and send it out into the world. Over the years I’ve made my own cartoons, painted murals, spent years of my life building games, put out my own set of toys, created clothing lines, and the list goes on and on and on. Today I run a physical store in Wilmington, NC that I opened 3 years ago. It has provided me true freedom in how I bring my art to the public. 

So why NFTs? Seeing how the space is bringing excitement and a new appreciation for art is infinitely fascinating to me. I see the medium as another channel. It is a means to distribute a message. Even more importantly, it creates new creative opportunities, as there are thousands of different ways you can use it.  That begs the question, why not use it to send out awesome vibes into the world when people desperately need it? 

This all got me thinking. Over the years, I have been publishing animated gifs and videos that promote positivity and perspectives on various topics. Many of them include my “Bones” character. Soooo, why shouldn’t I NFTize some of these bonetastic animations to make the world smile, relax, and be able to own a little bit of chill. Bam! Here we are.

I know you are asking, what price would I pay to vibe out like Jack Johnson? 1 billion dollars? OF COURSE, but nah today. Nah. Nah with these nah fungible bones. I learned from running my store, good vibes are a gift. You see, for the past 2 years I’ve hidden products all over town each weekend, posted video hints, and created a scavenger hunt for anyone and everyone to participate in. For each weekend’s Sherlock Holmes, they are rewarded with free goods and forever vibes. Maybe they come to the store, maybe they don’t, but it pays me back ten fold. Why would I not follow suit here? The difference.. you don’t have to go searching as you are already here. Boom!

YES, you can grab your first one of these bad boys for the initial cost of FREE dollaz! Thank you. You’re welcome!

As far as where we take all of this, there is no roadmap. It is organic. However, I continually evolve my ideas. It is my lifeblood. So, I have ideas, you have ideas, let’s take this journey together and figure out where we go.  We only have so much time before we become bones ourselves, lets goooooo!



Any time I use skulls or skeletons It’s is a reminder that we are ALL working with an ultimate deadline. I personally have things I would like to accomplish before your boy Grimlock Ramsay Reeper the 3rd comes a knocking. Let’s get to work closing the space in between you and your unrealized dreams.